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***New*** Adhesive Clips offered by NSPA

Adhesive Clips

Adhesive Clips come in two sizes.

NSPA’s adhesive clips are designed to provide longitudinal water sealing for small wire bundles.  These clips should only be used in conjunction with adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing.

Installed sample.

Installed sample.

Unfortunately, most adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing is designed to insulate and seal a single wire or cable.  These clips will allow the installer to use standard heat shrink tubing to seal: multiple wires, non-standard wire harnesses, and plug connectors.  These adhesive clips can attach to a single wire or multiple small wires.

Adhesive clip Installation

Adhesive Clips can be added when trying to seal multiple wires.

NSPA adhesive clips come in 2 sizes:  AC-1 (20-12 AWG wires) and AC-2 (16-8 AWG wires).

Click here to download our Adhesive Clip Flyer