A ratcheting crimp tool can help you to protect your heat shrink connector investment!

If you have already made the decision to use heat shrink connectors, you are ahead in the game. However, don’t ruin your investment by using the wrong tool to crimp your connectors. The right tool will have crimp dies especially designed for insulated, heat shrink terminals.  For the most consistent crimp, you should also select a crimp tool with a ratcheting crimp action. This will ensure that regardless of the end-user’s strength or size that the appropriate amount of crimp force will be applied to your crimp every time.  A ratcheting crimp tool will also ensure that you do not OVER CRIMP your connector.  Why is over crimping a connector bad?  (Good question)  When you over crimp your connector you often times actually break some of the copper strands of your wire.  This can cause resistance within your electrical system.  The following tool, T-R-50, is NSPA’s unique offering.

NSPA's T-R-50 Ratcheting Crimp Tool for heat shrink terminals

NSPA’s T-R-50 Ratcheting Crimp Tool for heat shrink terminals

It offers the following features:

  • 4 CRIMP NESTS – 8 AWG-Red • 12-10 AWG-Yellow • 16-14 AWG-Blue • 22-18 AWG-Red
  • Mating Mechanism prevents the jaws from slipping or mis-alignment
  • Long handles make it easier to crimp (less force required)
  • Easy to use & understand release mechanism
  • Ergonomic design to initiate the crimp process

If you have more questions about your heat shrink connectors or tools… check out our website at http://www.nspa.com.


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